Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing

I offer developmental editing services for writers of speculative fiction. 

While I can help improve the narrative structure of any story, my specialities are science fiction and fantasy. I am not a good fit for the more formulaic storytelling often found in genres like romance, horror, and crime thrillers.

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing primarily concerns itself with the bigger picture of your story. I will look at the narrative first and foremost, but other aspects that often come into play are premise, theme, plot structure, characterization, voice, use of exposition and descriptions, pacing and continuity, and the all-important believability.

Developmental editing is the first type of editing a manuscript should go through. It builds the groundwork for a thorough revision and can result in a major restructure of your manuscript. It takes the form of advice and discussion. As the writer, you decide what changes you wish to implement based on the explanations and advice that I provide.

Editing Services

An editorial letter is a document detailing strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript as I perceive them, dealing first and foremost with the story and its narrative structure. The shape of the critique will vary depending on the needs of the project. I will explain the issues I discover and offer you suggestions on how to deal with them. The critique will be both general and specific.

The critique package is an editorial letter combined with annotations in the text commenting on specific elements of the narrative as well as style, continuity,  comment on word use and sentence structure, but the main focus is still the bigger picture, so don’t expect a full line edit.

Sample Rates

Editorial letter: $0.02 per word

Critique package: $0.04 per word


The final price may vary depending on the needs of your project. I will require a sample of your work beforehand. We will always agree on the scope of the project and the final price before I begin. I require half the payment in advance and the other half on completion.

I’m open to other arrangements. For example, I can do story consultations, I can help you develop a novel outline from a premise, et cetera. Contact me and we’ll discuss the specifics.


If I haven’t edited for you before, I suggest you make use of my critique sample, which will give you an idea of what it’s like working with me.