Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing Services

I offer developmental editing services for fiction writers.

Sample rates

Story consultation: $25 – $250 depending on project scope

Minimum rate: $0.010 per word

Editorial letter: $0.015 per word

Critique package: $0.020 – $0.025 per word

The final price may vary depending on the needs of the project. We will always agree on a price before I begin.

As a rule, I require half the payment in advance and the other half on completion, but I’m open to discussing other arrangements.

Free Sample

If I haven’t worked with you before, I suggest you make use of my free sample to get an idea if my services suit your needs.

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing concerns the bigger picture of a story. It is the first type of editing a manuscript should go through and it builds the groundwork for a thorough revision. It may result in major restructuring, including moving scenes or chapters, deleting superfluous material, rewriting whole sections, and even adding new material.

Developmental editing takes the form of advice and discussion. As a writer, you decide what changes you wish to implement based on the critique I provide.

A story consultation is a pre-draft discussion of your story. We’ll look at your outline or summary and discuss how to best shape a plot and narrative from your ideas.

An editorial letter is a document that focuses on the overall narrative structure. It will cover elements like character development, pacing, believability, and the theme of your story, as well as general suggestions to improve readability.

The critique package is an editorial letter combined with annotations in the text commenting on elements that I find impact the quality of your manuscript, including (but not necessarily limited to) sentence structure, word use, descriptions, exposition, dialogue, voice, POV, continuity, believability, pacing, and use of descriptions and exposition.

I may also comment on grammar and style issues if I find that they have an overall impact on the quality of your writing.