keep walking, show up

keep walking, show up

At the end of my backpacking trip a few years ago I got a tattoo. I summed up my trip and the reason for the tattoo in this post on Facebook:

Since then, I have worked to change who I am at a fundamental level, and I have gradually come to believe that to move towards enlightenment and self-improvement a person must accept two things: we are fallible, and we are responsible for our own story.

It has been three years since my trip and for the most part, I have followed my own advice and have not allowed myself to stagnate. But lately, I have also felt that I need to expand on the advice. So now there is a similar tattoo on my right arm that reminds me to “show up”. Because if all I do is wander, I will end up nowhere. I need a direction.

It is no coincidence that it is also the most repeated piece of advice by experienced to aspiring writers: you need to put in the work, day after day.

Ideas and dreams are great, so is ambition and talent, but none of these are guaranteed to make you productive. When aspiring writers Google “writing tips”, being told to work hard is hardly what they are hoping for. Instead, they want a list of quick tricks that will turn their dreams into reality. Spoiler alert: There is no such list.

But I can offer some tips that have helped me along my path:

  1. keep walking
  2. show up

What do you think?