Critique Sample

Critique Sample

Due to the many requests I’ve recently gotten for critique, I am afraid I can no longer offer a free sample on a permanent basis (though keep an eye on my Twitter for giveaways).

But I will offer it at a discounted price: $20 for up to 3000 words.

Send me a short story or the first chapter of your novel and I will critique it thoroughly, as if you had bought my critique package.

I will help you improve your writing, but that means I have to be honest. I won’t be mean to you, but I won’t hold back, either.

If you’re looking for a pat on the head, look elsewhere. 

I will focus my criticism on the areas I find are most important for you to work on. I will look at:

  • Story, narrative, & voice
  • Character portrayal & character development
  • Descriptions & exposition
  • Pacing & continuity
  • Believability & fact-checking
  • Word use & sentence structure

I prefer to read the imaginative and fantastic — speculative fiction — but I recognise that good storytelling can be found anywhere. I am probably not the best fit for the more formulaic genres, like romance and whodunnits.

No rough drafts. It’s advisable that you’ve thoroughly gone over your draft at least once, or you’ll likely be paying me to tell you things you would have noticed yourself, had you taken the time.

Use my contact form to get in touch.

Here are some nice things people have said about my work:

“Magnus provided a first class editing service, comparable to any I have seen from a major publisher. Possibly superior. I recommend his work.”

Laurence O’Bryan – Author of The Istanbul Puzzle & The Cairo Puzzle

“Magnus is without a doubt a godsend when it comes to editing a book. For me, he has been thoughtful, patient, and considerate regarding my needs and has approached each problem with total professionalism.”

Robert H Fellows – Author of The Six Pack