Critique Sample

Critique Sample

Send me a short story or the first chapter of your novel and I will critique it thoroughly. The service I provide is comparable to my critique package.

I will critique roughly 2500* words free of charge.

I will help you improve your writing, but that means I have to be honest. I won’t be mean to you, but I won’t hold back, either.

If you’re looking for a pat on the head, look elsewhere. 

I will focus my criticism on the areas I find are most important for you to work on. I will look at:

  • Story, narrative, & voice
  • Character portrayal & character development
  • Descriptions & exposition
  • Pacing & continuity
  • Believability & fact-checking
  • Word use & sentence structure

I prefer to read the imaginative and fantastic — speculative fiction — but I recognise that good storytelling can be found anywhere.

No rough drafts. I recommend that you have revised your draft thoroughly at least once.

Use my contact form to get in touch.

I will reply with an estimated timeline — usually within a couple of weeks, but I can’t provide a definite deadline for unpaid assignments.

Here are some nice things people have said about my work:

“Magnus provided a first class editing service, comparable to any I have seen from a major publisher. Possibly superior. I recommend his work.”

Laurence O’Bryan – Author of The Istanbul Puzzle & The Cairo Puzzle

“Magnus is without a doubt a godsend when it comes to editing a book. For me, he has been thoughtful, patient, and considerate regarding my needs and has approached each problem with total professionalism.”

Robert H Fellows – Author of The Six Pack

*If your story or chapter is longer, send me the whole thing and I’ll critique what there is time for.